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Colorado Destination Wedding,Grand Lake Wedding Photographer | Grand Lake Wedding, Kimmy + Jason

April 6, 2016

SO, here I am, six months after this wedding. Still struggling to pick up jaw up off the ground.

I should just probably just start with yelling from the rooftops how much I love these two.

And it all started with a mega fail Facetime call. Ya see,  Kimmy and Jason live in Texas but were in the stages of planning their Colorado destination wedding in Grand Lake, before we even got to this phone call, I was already excited because… have you ever been to Grand Lake in the fall? Its freaking MAGICAL.

but…back to the call. technology was being real special and wouldnt let us Facetime for reasons that I still dont understand. But the entire conversation during this er…technical difficulty was what sold me on them. In that 10 minute period of time of us just cracking up and pushing buttons, I could just tell that we were going to be a great fit. Which if you know me and the way I run my business (and my life), it’s imperative to me that we have a great connection over anything else…but that’s a topic for a whooole other blog post.

A lot of life happens in the months leading up to a wedding, and they kept me updated with just about everything! When Kim found her dream dress, while making detail decisions, stories about their expected guests, the incredible story of how the met and fell in love, and unfortunately the untimely passing of Jason’s father, Ray just a few months prior. You don’t start your perfect wedding planning thinking that you will soon suffer a loss like this, but everyone pulled together and found ways to honor his memory, and though bittersweet, it was a truly perfect day. More beautiful than I even think they were expecting.

Kim, Jason and a handful of their favorite people gathered on the lakeside property that Kim spent her summers growing up, and in the same spot that they exchanged their first “I love you’s” in the begninning of their relationship, they vowed to spend the rest of forever together.

…I know right?!

This day blew my mind and heart all to pieces. I witness extraordinary love often, I’m lucky to have couples that love fiercely and intentionally, and these two, have all that and a little something extra.

I drove home that night feeling immensely grateful…and just so damn lucky to be the one to document this day for them. Like one of those feelings where you just want to call everyone you love and make sure they know it…except I didn’t have any cell service driving through Rocky Mountain National Park.

…and ok fine! yes, I cried.  you would’ve too.

 2016-01-26_0001 2016-01-26_0002 2016-01-26_0003 2016-01-26_0004 2016-01-26_0005 2016-01-26_0006 colorado destination wedding in grand lake 2016-01-26_0008 2016-01-26_0009 2016-01-26_0010 2016-01-26_0011 2016-01-26_0012 2016-01-26_0013 2016-01-26_0014 2016-01-26_0015 2016-01-26_0016 2016-01-26_0017 2016-01-26_0018 2016-01-26_0019 grand lake wedding ceremony 2016-01-26_0021 2016-01-26_0022 grand lake colorado wedding 2016-01-26_0024 2016-01-26_0025 2016-01-26_0026 2016-01-26_0027 2016-01-26_0028 2016-01-26_0029 2016-01-26_0030 2016-01-26_0031 2016-01-26_0032 2016-01-26_0033 2016-01-26_0034 2016-01-26_0035 2016-01-26_0036 2016-01-26_0037 2016-01-26_0038 Destination Wedding Photographers Grand Lake Wedding Photographers Wedding in Grand Lake, Co 2016-01-26_0042 2016-01-26_0043 Destination Wedding in Colorado 2016-01-26_0045 2016-01-26_0046 2016-01-26_0047 2016-01-26_0048 2016-01-26_0049 2016-01-26_0050 2016-01-26_0051 2016-01-26_0052 2016-01-26_0053 2016-01-26_0054 2016-01-26_0055 2016-01-26_0056 2016-01-26_0057 2016-01-26_0058 2016-01-26_0059 2016-01-26_0060 2016-01-26_0069 2016-01-26_0062 2016-01-26_0063 2016-01-26_0064 2016-01-26_0065 2016-01-26_0066 2016-01-26_0067 2016-01-26_0061 daven haven lodge wedding

Destination Wedding Photographer : Yours Truly, Alchemy Creative

Ceremony: Private Residence on Grand Lake

Reception: Daven Haven Lodge

Florals: The Stalk Market

Dress: Morilee from Princess Bridal in Texas

Hair + Makeup: Yours Truly, Alchemy Creative

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  1. Jennie says:

    The photo of the neckline with the hands–gah! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photos. I really love the sunset shots!

  3. Jamie Kraus says:

    Such a beautiful and emotional wedding. You captured it so well!

  4. This wedding (and of course you) are so perfectly perfect.

  5. Kelly Belote says:

    Simple beautiful

  6. Lindsay Tullar says:

    awww beautiful couple. beautiful location. Sigh i love weddings