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Destination Colorado Adventure Elopement | Rocky Mountain National Park Photographers | Christy + Ben

December 13, 2018

Destination Colorado Adventure Elopement | Rocky Mountain National Park Photographers


OHHHHH where do I even begin with Christy + Ben. These come to Colorado to elope this summer, but this story begins before they were even actually engaged. I received an email from Christy last fall that mentioned three very important things *to me*

1. her boyfriend, Ben hadn’t yet proposed but they wanted to make sure that they got “a bomb photographer” first and foremost

2. tacos + margaritas. *uhm yes, hello and welcome*

3. they would be working with one of my favorite videographers on their weekday elopement in RMNP

We continued emailing over the next few months, and she’d check in just to tell me, ” oh hey we’re going to some beautiful destination, fingers crossed this is it!” I must’ve gotten at least 2 of those emails fully thinking, “oh man, this is it, he’s finally going to propose!” But alas, on a january trip to the Bahamas, after feeding stingrays on the beach, Ben asked Christy to marry him, and…she never told me if she said yes or not, she just sent me this photo:

which now, based on the fact that i watched them get married, we can all assume that she did, indeed say yes 🙂

They flew to come visit me… aka get their engagement photos a couple months later, taken in some of my faaaaavorite locations in Colorado. we drank the worlds most delicious cider, drove for approximately 100 years into the middle of nowhere, and only got lost like…twice.

This was just the very beginning of the magic of a friendship that I now share with these two even from across the country. Our love of the office, reaaaaaal good cider, and screaming “thats what she said” jokes across mountain tops has formed an untouchable bond. I love these two SO much. so much.


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colorado elopement location : rocky mountain national park

colorado elopement photographer : alchemy creative

hair + makeup : alchemy creative

floral : lace + lilies 

wedding film : ampersand family


+ Comments

  1. Estes Park looks like a dream spot for an adventure elopement! Colorado has so many gorgeous elopement opportunities!

  2. Carey Nash says:

    Talk about having two completely diverse world for your wedding. Atop a mountain all to yourselves and the a warm beach sunset! the dream!

  3. Such an incredible set of photographs of a destination elopement in the Rocky Mountain National Park! I have never visited Estes park but it looks like a very beautiful place for an elopement for sure!

  4. Such an epic Colorado RMNP elopement! One of my favorite places to enjoy!

  5. I love tacos and margaritas! Yum! Beautiful photos, looks like a fun Colorado Elopement!

  6. Afton Flynn says:

    I’d love to visit Rocky Mountain National Park one day!

  7. Cassandra O. says:

    This Estes Park elopement is amazing! Beautiful work!

  8. Kitty Paul says:

    Coming to Colorado and visiting all the national parks is high on my photo location list and this gives me serious wanderlust! I’d love to be an elopement photographer out there!

  9. Colorado, what a dream! Such a gorgeous elopement!

  10. Hans and Rox says:

    Ohh wao! what a places for eloping. You manage so well the light! love the history behind their elopement!